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How not to eat lasagne.

When I was a child I used to eat lasagne from the top down. Each layer would be a delicious new discovery. It was like dismantling a building. I did the same with vanilla slices and those cakes with coffee icing and cream and custard in the middle. Dreadful manners, I know.

There's something about layered food that is particularly appetising, whether it's a giant multi-layered sandwich, a hamburger a foot high with everything in it or a huge stack of pancakes.

Last night's lasagne was layer heaven. I didn't make it, T. made it. She's the lasagne queen.

First, a layer of cooked pumpkin mashed with ricotta. (Roast the pumpkin first for an even better flavour.)

Then a layer of cooked lasagne sheets followed by a layer of diced tomatoes combined with leek sauteed with a little garlic.

More pumpkin mixture, more pasta sheets and more tomato and leek. Keep building it up and on top of the final layer of tomato, some steamed silverbeet or spinach.

Then the last layer of pasta and on top of that, some cheese sauce. Make a paste of flour in melted butter, gradually add milk and then cheese and a dash of salt and pepper - almost any cheese will do. Bake half an hour depending on size.


Lasagne is William's favourite dish. He wolfs it down. He has eaten lasagne at Brunetti's and Ti Amo - little spoonfuls from Mum or Dad's plate - but his favourite lasagne is home-cooked by his Mum. At nine months, his food no longer needs to be pureed but just mashed or finely chopped.

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