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Pasta with swordfish and roasted red pepper. And some thoughts on aging rockers.

What's your favourite fish? Mine is the last one I ate.

The last one I ate was swordfish - 'pesce spada' at the market - and it was quickly seared on a very hot heavy pan and served with potatoes mashed with olive oil and zucchini and onions simmered with butter and a shake of nutmeg.

But there was a piece of pesce spada left over - rather a large piece - and here's what I did with it:

- I sliced the fish into three quarter inch cubes and marinated it in lemon juice while I prepared everything else.

- I roasted some red pepper, peeled it and cut it into strips.

- I cooked some tomato fettucine.

- I quickly cooked the fish in a heavy pan and added it to the drained pasta along with the roasted red pepper.

- Then I tossed some capers over the pasta and decorated the dish with celery leaves and a shower of cracked black pepper.

It looked as good as it tasted, with the white fish standing out on the pink-red pasta background with roasted red pepper and caper accents. It's not everything, but eye appeal does improve a dish.


While I was cooking, a Rod Stewart song came on the radio. Having given up being a rocker, he's now crooning love songs and it was all tinkling pianos and studio orchestras with Rod sounding like an overfed alley cat and I thought: what if the Rolling Stones had gone the same way?

Mick Jagger singing Unforgettable doesn't really bear thinking about.


Dr. Alice said...

Mick Jagger singing "Unforgettable" doesn't really bear thinking about.

ROTFL. But your swordfish recipe, on the other hand, DOES bear thinking about. I liked it very much.

kitchen hand said...

Thank you, Dr Alice. The Stones toured here recently, successfully, although Keith Richard fell out of a tree and ended up having brain surgery.

Re your blog, too busy to post lately?

lucette said...

It doesn't bear thinking about, and yet, now I am, and would almost like to hear it, if only to go "Aaacck."

Ian T. said...

Mick Jagger singing Unforgettable doesn't really bear thinking about.

But what about one of his kids singing a duet with him after he's gone... have you considered that? :)

rowena said...

Pesce of my favorite of fishes, and you certainly created one very delicious sounding dish with the leftover piece.

Thanks for the tip on RLS's Pavillion on the Links. (Now that I know who he is, I'm eager to read more of his works). I'm trying to get a hold of a copy through the state library system before I leave.

Sara said...

I hate Rod Stewart. Just thought I'd let you know.

The Food Whore said...

At least Rod Stewart isn't wearing spandex anymore... eesh.

Fish? Halibut. Fresh halibut. And I should say something healthy like, "I prefer it steamed..."

But I like it beer battered and fried with a nice side of chips, and a big splash of lemon. And a crunchy cabbage slaw on the side.


jim said...

My wife actually likes the new Rod Stewart stuff but then again she likes me so there is no accounting for taste.