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Random lasagne.

We had a nice lasagne, nothing unique or special or different or noteworthy; just layer upon layer of cheesy, tomatoey, meaty, bechamel cheese-saucey and pasta-y sublimeness, all topped with a crust that was just turning golden-brown and was still bubbling when it was brought to the table.

It really is a great shame to cut into such a perfect work of art as a fresh home-made lasagne, in the tray, fresh out of the oven. But you have to eat, so art be damned.

The lasagne sighed a little curlicue of steam as it yielded its flavours to the knife ....

No, wait, that was WAY too verbose. I'm starting to sound like an Age restaurant reviewer. It's lasagne. Eat it and shut up.

Now to the point of all this. What happened was that there were some lasagne sheets left over. But not any meat sauce or cheese sauce or tomatoes. This happens to a lot of people. I know, because I often have conversations with people about lasagne and everyone seems to end up with leftover lasagne sheets and what do you do with them when there's no sauce left? Eat them? On their own? Well, you could. But if you think outside the square (actually, my lasagne dish is oblong. Or rectangular. If there's a difference. Is there a difference?) you can use other, random, ingredients to make a lasagne with your leftover lasagne sheets.

The first step, which I ignored the other day, is that when you put your leftover lasagne sheets back in the fridge, lightly oil them and lay them flat on a plate. I shoved them back into the fridge still in the drainer and they were all folded over each other and stuck together and half of them fell apart. Get to the recipe already.

The recipe.

I must admit, I made it up as I went along. And it was freeform, not in a lasagne pan. Just pile up the components on anything that can go in the oven.

First, a smudge of oil and a spoonful of tomato paste on the base of the baking dish. Because there was no sauce. Then a layer of lasagne. Then a layer of cold chorizo sausage sliced longways very finely. Then lasagne. Then grilled red pepper. Then lasagne. Then a layer of cold hard-boiled egg that had been mashed with a little butter (there was quite a lot of this left over from making sandwiches for lunch). Some chopped parsley for a bit of green crunch on top of the egg and some grated mozzarella over that. Another lasagne sheet and now we’ve run out of options so just a little more cheese on the top and into the oven.

A quick bake so it doesn't dry out. It turned out great. Experiment, experiment! Use what you have and see if it works.


Ange said...

Theres nothing like a good old fashioned traditional lasagne to warm you up on a cold night. I never see the need to experiment or get fancy with this recipe & now that you have posted about it, it reminds me that its been forever since I have had any so think I now have a craving to satisfy.

Sara said...

i have never heard of putting mashed egg into a lasagne. is that an australian thing, or a kitchen hand thing?

kitchen hand said...

It's a Kitchen Hand thing, Sara. Because it was there.

(Although if you order an "Aussie pizza" it comes with egg on it. Not sure why.)