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Who needs a barometer?

The weather has been appalling lately but you don't have to stick your head outside to know what the weather's doing in Melbourne; all you need to do is check out the local food blogs and see what people are cooking.

A few examples posted since the start of May: a warming full-flavoured chicken and chorizo stew; a dead easy tomato and red lentil soup; an autumn braise full of colour and taste; a robust Moroccan tagine (albeit cooked in a saucepan) and for the tots, a magnificent daube of oxtail.

All those cooking aromas drifting in the evening air over Melbourne, while their recipes drift around the blogosphere, makes our weather - the incessant drippy rain, the freezing southerly, the puddles - almost bearable.


Speaking of winter food, if you're sitting down to a nice hot steaming meat pie in golden shortcrust pastry with some potato mash and peas on the side, watch out for exploding sauce bottles.

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Ian T. said...

Winter is definitely the time for eating...