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Bunch of Fives.

Neil (formerly Tanked Up Taco) at Food For Thought tagged me for this quite some time ago, before we went on holidays.

Why five? I don't know, but it reminds me of a restaurant I visited once. It was called Fives and it was at No. 555 in Nicholson Street and its telephone number ended in 5555. Anyone remember it? I think it became Ajay's and then Flor.)

Five items in the freezer.
1. Bottles of frozen water. I use them to keep food cold in the Esky when travelling.
2. Two packs of frozen peas. One pack to eat and the other to treat knee and back injuries, as an ice pack. Don't mix them up - the ice pack peas have been defrosted about a thousand times.
3. Stock. What kind? Who knows. I never label anything. I defrosted some fish stock once and it was leek soup.
4. Ants.
5. Empty plastic ice block makers. I keep forgetting to refill them. Most annoying when you want a cold gin and tonic. T. goes right off at me.

Five items in my closet.
(I suppose this means wardrobe, unless it means the broom closet, in which there are only brooms and candles. Why do people always store candles in the broom closet? It's one of life's mysteries.)
1. A Ride T-shirt from 1994. I never wear it but I'll never throw it out.
2. A T-shirt with a New Yorker cartoon on it - the David Sipress one illustrating a smoking dog and its owner standing outside a restaurant with No Dogs and No Smoking notices in the window. Owner says to the dog: I don't think this place is going to work for you, Theodore.
3. My 'slippers' - a fifteen year old pair of ASICS Gel-121 running shoes. The laces are gone and the tongue hangs out forward like Turkish shoes. Ugly. But comfortable.
4. A pair of Loake brogues. The best-built shoes in the world, made in Britain by craftsmen.
5. A shoe horn to get the Loakes on.

Five items in my car.
1. A picnic blanket, tartan, rubber-backed. Probably the most important item in the car, apart from the actual engine.
2. Coins. In the ashtray. Yes, my car has an ashtray. Cars without ashtrays are a danger to the environment. People throw their butts out the window and cause bushfires. ASHTRAYS FOR CARS! NOW!
3. Old BASF 60 minute cassettes on which I recorded the Sunday night John O'Donnell album show on 3XY in the early seventies. I found them in a box on top of a wardrobe a few years ago. Argent, anyone? Then there's Yessongs, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs Live at Sunbury '72, Chain, Madder Lake and pre-disco BeeGees. I get a real blast driving through the country listening to these, complete with crackle, hiss and bits of the announcer's voice.
4. Dust from outback New South Wales.
5. Petrol! I must be rich.

Five items in my wallet.
1. A Blairgowrie Cafe coffee card. I've never used it. I don't like freebies. They're undignified.
2. A small card my daughter made me when she was nine, seventeen years ago. It reads, with every word written in a different colour, using felt pens: Dad, this card entitles you to spend a whole day with me, going wherever or doing whatever you want. You may choose the date and the place. Below that is her nine-year-old signature. Of course, I've spent countless days with her in the intervening years but I keep the card because it is possibly the most loving thing I've ever read. Sometimes I just take it out and look at it.
3. A picture of T.
4. A picture of my two older children, taken at a wedding outside St Therese's Church in 1985, when they were seven and five.
5. A picture of William.

Anyone else for Fives?


Kitchen Queen said...

What an interesting list!

neil said...

I only tagged you 'cause i recall you said that you quite liked these things, are you sorry yet!

Love your daughters card, that was really touching.