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Driving the Internet truck, possibly on the Road to Morocco. Possibly off it.

I add posts to my blog (which sounds more like a primeval Scandinavian building a rudimentary timber shelter than a twenty-first century Australian tapping on a keyboard) from a number of different places. Some of these are places where I work (yes, I do work occasionally, despite being called, from way over on the other side of the world, an 'idle slump'). Others include the internet cafe (which is not a cafe but a DVD hire store) at the beach, because the beach house is not wired for tubes. I am not currently posting from my Prime Place of Residence because the lease was up on the computer and we didn't renew because we Want a New One. Given the speed at which I prosecute my plans in life that could take Some Time Indeed.

The point of all this Unnecessary Verbiage and Gratuitous Capitalisation is that I have noticed that some computer terminals 'read' my apostrophes differently and place an extra space after them and before the 's' in the case of a possessive. Or a contraction. So if it looks like a mistake, it could be the Internet. Alternatively, it could be a mistake. But now you'll never know!

Also, there's no secondary scroll bar on Blogger when accessed from some Mac terminals which is annoying because I prefer to write towards the top of the screen due to neck strain. Any other complaints? Yes. Sometimes these rogue terminals won't let you comment on people's blogs. They just put up a stupid message saying something like "Invalid X-gkjkk" or "Error vv-^^^!"

In fact, sometimes I wish the Internet was a truck and NOT a series of tubes, because then you could drive it off a cliff and the hell with it.

We should all be writing books anyway, not wasting time on blogging.


OK, we've driven the Internet truck off the cliff (it was using too much petrol anyway) so now let's eat.

Moroccan Curried Fish Pie.

(It's Moroccan only because I used my pre-made packet of Ras el Hanout, otherwise it could have been Bolst's Curried Fish Pie or Fern's Curried Fish Pie or even my own curried fish pie had I bothered to grind up a few of my own spices.)

I had made a very simple curry of fish - onions and garlic in butter, then the Ras el Hanout, then the juice of a lemon, then large pieces of very fresh Blue Grenadier and a little water, simmered only until just done. I also inverted the two halves of the lemon peel from which the juice came (to release the lemon oil) and threw those in to the stew to give a more lemony flavour, removing them before serving. We had the fish curry with basmati rice, some flaky roti and some lime pickle, just to mix up a continent or two. Maybe three.

But there was quite a lot of the curry left over, so the next night I placed it in a casserole, topped it with sliced sweet chili (which are very good at the moment) and chopped onion and topped it all with mashed potato and a sprinkling of chili powder, baking it for half an hour. It was delicious - the blandness of the potato yields to the sweetness, tang and heat of the curry.


Julie said...

You keep on using those apostrophes in the right places. I'm so thrilled to see them NOT used in plurals or thrown in like confetti for no good reason, I'll cope with a random space or two. (You've got it together so well, gramatically, that when I do see strange things, I assume it's the computer or a typo. Rest assured.)

I'm a former English major and I mostly have a grip on myself in terms of grammar and writing, but that old apostrophe can still drive me crazy. (I have matured beyond carrying a marker in my pocket to correct signs when they're wrong.)

kitchen hand said...

Thanks, Julie, you're too kind. I'm paranoid about errors.

I don't carry a marker either, but those misplaced apostrophes really grate. Sometimes they're so bad, they're good. My favourite, outside a cafe: todays special's.

Sara said...

Sounds wonderful. Hey Kitchen Hand, if you and your family ever want to visit Canada, you can come stay with us! All we ask in return is that you cook us some of your delicious dishes.

kitchen hand said...

It's a deal, Sara. And vice versa - come down here and visit some time!

lucette said...

Are you thinking of writing a book? Please do: I'd love to read anything you write.

lucette said...

Are you thinking of writing a book? Please do: I'd love to read anything you write.

kitchen hand said...

Thank you, Lucette. 'Thinking' is the operative word. It will probably never happen.