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Fake banana alert!

Banana experts ("Hi, I'm a banana expert!") predicted that bananas were going to take years to recover from Cyclone Larry, which completely destroyed 90% of the Australian banana crop.

Years? No: they're creeping back into stores just five months after the late-March cyclone, despite the facts that the banana plant has a nine to twelve month life cycle and imports from overseas are banned in Australia.

I suspect someone is manufacturing them in a factory somewhere, maybe from excess grapes and oranges.


Miss Katharine said...

I did hear something a while back about bananas being endangered, though. A quick look at Wikipedia tells a little more about his, directly under the "Pests and Diseases" section (

Still, I'm not gonna worry overmuch...

Ange said...

I dont care what they make them from, I miss them so much I will turn a blind eye to anything. And at the moment that includes price, if they look good I'm buying them!