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To the mountains.

The door creaked as we went into the shop. I like shops with doors that creak. It gives them a kind of old world atmosphere. Combine old world atmosphere with French baking and you have a patisserie called Savoie Salon de The.

We were back in sub-alpine Bright for a few days and one of our first activities was a visit to Madame Pichot's little shop on the corner. She bakes all manner of French cakes and pastries and retains the original names. So you have your amandines and your Paris-Brest (which is a long delicate cream-filled pastry like an eclair) and your Religeuses which look sinful and your Mocha Eclairs and dozens of other petite delicacies. There's a little chocolate boat with a white sail icing called a Barquette.

Mme Pichot made us coffee and served us two of the nicest escargots - the pastry kind - I've ever tried. That set us up nicely for a long day of walking in and around Bright in the fresh late winter air under a perfect blue sky.


neil said...

You've put me in the mood for Bright, especially as one of those special offers has just whizzed off the fax. How long by car from Melbourne would it be?

kitchen hand said...

Four hours including lunch at the Euroa cafe and a browse in Kenneth Hince Fine Books across the road, Neil.