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Five meals ...

... to eat before you die* was the subject of a brilliant post by Neil at Food For Thought, involving wonderful things like wild barramundi and boletus edulis.

Neil kindly invited my contribution.

1. A bowl of onion soup, a loaf of bread and a glass of red wine in a tiny café in a village in rural France in spring, followed by an afternoon nap under an ancient tree on a hillside.

2. A piece of cheese, some fresh laid eggs and some good ham from a friendly farmer's wife during an extended walk through rural England on a warm day in high summer.

3. Some quickly chargrilled fresh-caught squid and a glass of white wine on a balcony on a Greek Island with the sun sinking into the sea.

4. A plate of borscht and some vodka late at night in the dining car of an express train in the middle of a Siberian winter with snow hammering on the windows.


Can someone suggest number 5?

(*Part of a joint project - we seem to have gotten over the word 'meme', hurray! - developed by Melissa at The Traveler's Lunchbox, where she is tabulating all responses into a masterlist - email her yours or comment at the post and she will add them. Over a hundred lists of five greatest meals can already be seen at the post. Interesting and appetising reading!)


Julie said...

Number five:

Spending several hours sipping champagne and stuffing yourself on the breakfast buffet (I suggest the prime rib) while people-watching, in the Surf Room, at the Royal Hawaiian on Waikiki Beach.

Then maybe wandering over to the beach bar and having a few more drinks.

neil said...

Rural France has got me hooked. All the tiny cafes seemed to do amazing food, the very antithesis of an Oz country cafe. The nap sounds good too. Nice list!

Anonymous said...

it,s not what i would eat, not really a venue, more the company i would like to dine with, me mam, my dad, some old dinner guests whose suddenly disappered off the scene, one venue would be the old house on christmas morn with all me bros, an sisters :)


Sarah said...

A really good roast - pick lamb, pork or bird - with crispy roast potatoes, carrots and parsnips, steamed green beans (not over cooked!), and treacle pudding with custard for dessert. Mine was in my Auntie Betty's tiny kitchen in Surrey - she'd cooked the whole thing just for the two of us, but yours could be anywhere. :)

kitchen hand said...

Delicious all. Barry, I nearly wrote something like that in my list. You can't beat a family get-together.

groverjones said...

A selection of plates of whatever fiery/spicy/aromatic/basil-ly good stuff they're making from a food stall at market in Thailand, washed down with a Singha beer.