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Where was I?

Cooking fish. It was great. But there were leftovers.

Garlicky Fisherman's Pie.

I stripped the skate flesh from the cartilage (it's dead easy, I don't know why people are frightened of fish, it's easier than negotiating a T-bone steak), chopped it roughly and blended it with some just-boiled and mashed potatoes, a cup of milk, a good amount of olive oil, some chopped parsley and spring onion and plenty of salt and pepper.

Into a baking dish went this glistening fragrant mess. I thatched it with a roof of grated colby, placed the dish into a hot oven and baked it until the cheese was brown and crunchy.

Possibly the finest fisherman's pie I have ever tasted. Even if I do say so myself.

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