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The lake.

We drove to the lake. It's five minutes out of town, to the south west. The road drops down, twists back on itself and you enter a carpark overlooking what used to be a lawn sweeping down to the water.

The car drifted across the gravel and came to a stop facing the water. The lake is big enough to be impressive and small enough to walk around if you have a spare half day. Pine trees ring the water, rising away on the surrounding hills like spectators in stands at an arena. There was no breeze and the water was dead flat, almost a mirror. Dark jagged shapes were the reflections of the pines.

We got out of the car and moved across the drought-beaten lawn down to the water. To the right of the lawn, under a stand of old pines, an old building used to be something else and is now a bookshop. It sits there in the shade, quietly, and occasionally has a customer. The customer buys a book and wanders out of the shop, trying to decide which particular piece of lake edge would be nice for reading today. There is probably no better-located bookshop in the world.

Down at the lake's edge, some ducks and geese were fighting over some bread an elderly couple were throwing at them. The woman glanced at William, toddling, and smiled.


Red dirt mummy said...

I have visited all of these places with my "over East" family and I'm reliving wonderful visits while I'm reading your posts. Thankyou for the beautiful writing and the beautiful memories! I'm loving your blog more and more every day.

kitchen hand said...

Thank you, RDM. Meanwhile I yearn to visit your part of Australia.