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What next?

In the morning, I wandered into the supermarket. I walked down the beverages aisle and noticed a new product amongst the battalions of coffee jars. The name on the new jar read: 'HalfCaf'. I looked closer. Ingredients: 50% instant coffee, 50%decaffeinated instant coffee.

This was strange. Who would drink HalfCaf? And why? Someone who only wanted half the hit? Then why not just drink half a cup of regular coffee?

Life is a puzzle. Happy new year.


Janis Gore said...

Another blogger I read mentioned an aisle of "New Age foods" at the HEB market in Dallas.

Do you or any of your readers know what that means?

And happy new year to you, your family, and your readers, too.

Sara said...

Happy New Years to you and your family Kitchen Hand. I look forward to reading all about what you'll cook in 2007.

kitchen hand said...

Thank you, Janis, and the same to you and yours. The New Age department is where you buy chemical-free organic chick peas which have been canned in factories and sent around the world in large cargo ships.

Happy new year to you, Sara. I like the sound of the creole calamari in your latest post. Do you have the recipe? My barbecue routine is getting stale.

Sara said...

Nope. It was something we ate on a vacation that I want to re-create.

Another Outspoken Female said...

happy new year..belatedly.

Re decaf/half caf...people seem to think that decaf is no caf..when it's really about 1/4 caf. But that doesn't explain why someone wants 1/2 plus a bit caf!

kitchen hand said...

Happy new year, AOF. Of course, now people will start asking for it in cafes as well. Who'd be a waiter?