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What's been on my barbecue this summer: a work in progress.

1. Easy Thai chicken fillet.
In a hurry? Cheat. Slice two breast fillets on the horizontal and fill each with a tablespoonful of tom yum paste, a sliced garlic clove and a shake of ginger powder. Wrap them up in iceberg lettuce leaves and then in foil. Breast fillets can dry out but the double wrapping keeps them moist and juicy during cooking. Now throw them on the grill and turn after four or five minutes, depending on the size of your breasts. Let me rephrase that.

2. Potato cakes.
Easy and delicious. Grate a few potatoes, squeeze out the excess fluid and form the grated potato into rough balls. Throw them onto a very hot hotplate and flatten with a spatula. Flip after a minute or two. Dust with salt and pepper.

3. Lamb rack.
Buy a whole rack complete with the fat layer. Peel this back and insert rosemary, garlic, thin slices of lemon, oregano or mint in any combination. Grill, tented with foil, over a sprig of lemon leaves or mint. Serve with home-made mint sauce, the old-fashioned vinegary stuff with mint leaves in it, not that disgusting sweet jelly stuff you get in jars in the supermarket.

4. Grilled vegetable platter with home-made chickpea puree.
Slice some zucchini and eggplant lengthways into quarter inch strips. I like to use white zucchini, which is really very pale green. Cut onions into thick rounds. Brush the vegetables with oil and grill, along with some whole sweet chillies, the long thin ones. Arrange the vegetables on a platter and serve with home-made hommous - puree some chickpeas with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and salt. Top the puree with sumac to serve. Or chili powder.

5. Corn.
I grill them to a turn and then drown them in butter and salt and pepper.

6. Thick sirloin with roquefort.
Grill to your preferred doneness and serve with a slice of roquefort melting on top. This is sublime with the potato cakes mentioned above. And a glass of red. Yes, even in hot weather.

Now I'm out of ideas. What's on your barbecue?


Carmen in Canada said...

Oh man!!!......It is 08:45am where I live here in Canada right now...and I am sooo hungry for BBQ! Here's one for you: a topping for grilled chicken chop up some red, yellow, orange and green peppers in a frying pan with butter (yes...butter)....season with chili powder, paprika (preferably sweet Hungarian), salt, pepper.....until the peppers are nice and soft. Then once the chicken breasts are mostly done on the BBQ, you pile some of that on top of them and then a piece of mozzarella (other kinds of cheese are fine too....depends on what you like) until the cheese melts.....MMMMMMMMM! Serve with sour cream....

Julie said...

We're really boring. All we do are hamburgers and steaks on the grill. I've been urging the hubby to branch out, but he seems uninterested. We do have a pork loin in the freezer, though. Hmmmm.

(Yes, it's winter where I live, but we barbecue anyway - with a coat on.)

kitchen hand said...

That sounds great, Carmen. I'll be trying it - thank you.

Julie, sometimes I have to barbecue with a coat on - even in summer, given our unpredictable weather.

The Food Whore said...

Will you deliver to the Northern Hemisphere?

If so - I will take corn and that thick sirloin with roquefort.

Two corns, please.

Ok four.

Nothing is on our grill at the moment. Snow is in the air again. But if I could grill I would be grilling fresh halibut steaks drenched in lime-cilantro butter. Then I would break it up and serve it on corn tortillas with mango salsa and a nice cold beer.

steevil (Dr Weevil's bro Steve) said...

Lamb chops with rub from
which, despite the name, is actally in Fall River, Massachusetts, on the mainland.

lucette said...

Corn! summer veggies! grilling! Not for a while. But it's around 55 degrees here today, so I can't complain (except of course about the planet going to hell).

Janis Gore said...

My husband has an off-topic question for Kitchen Hand.

Jim Smith, another blogger, offered up a nice recipe for cauliflower sauteed in oil and butter, with garlic and curry, with a dollop of sour cream folded in at the end.

It's a tasty dish. Do you think the same recipe would work with Brussels sprouts? Would you steam a little first?

neil said...

A whole lamb rack. Come clean, you won Tattslotto....or robbed the bank.

kitchen hand said...

I like the tortilla idea, Food Whore. Mangoes are plentiful and cheap right now.

Steevil, everything I need to replicate that rub is on site except for the lavender - that I can obtain from the front garden of the house around the corner.

As a Brussels sprouts lover, I can assure Ms Gore's husband the recipe would work well. I have curried them. Brussels sprouts are apparently best twice-cooked, i.e. boiled, drained and cooked again in your preferred medium.

Christmas largesse got to me, Neil. All on the credit card.

kitchen hand said...

This article in the UK Spectator's Christmas edition gave a fascinating history of the Brussels sprout. You need an online or print subscription.