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Pasta seen in the company of potato.

Like two people conducting an illicit relationship, potatoes and pasta are not often seen together; apart from gnocchi, but that's a marriage.

But, also like the above simile, potatoes and pasta can go together surprisingly well.

I have made this recipe many times since a reader sent it to me a couple of years ago.

Here's a simpler variation. I made this on a sweltering drought-ravaged late-summer's night and we ate outside in the cooler air, watching the clouds gather round and then go away again without dropping any water. I felt like reaching up and grabbing them and wringing them out like a dishcloth. They looked close enough.

Pasta with potatoes and red capsicum.

Cook two cups of pasta spirals. Toss in two potatoes, chopped into half inch cubes, so that they are just ready when the pasta is done. They should be not too soft.

In another pan, gently cook a chopped onion, a scored clove of garlic and some strips of red capsicum.

Drain pasta and potatoes when cooked, combine with onion and red pepper mixture. Scatter with chopped parsley. Grate cheese if you wish, but I added some sardines - just the humble canned ones - and omitted the cheese. Because of the potato, you won't need bread, but a simple green salad would be nice, just your iceberg, red onion, tomato and olive variety.

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pietro said...

There is also the classic Genovese dish of Trenette with pesto and potatoes, which must be more obscure than I thought 'cos nobody seems to mention it.