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How many food bloggers does it take to change a light bulb?


jo said...

One to post the entry and take a photo, in multiple angles, of the light bulb being changed.

8 to stand around and discuss how lovely the light bulb is and how they can't wish to change their own light bulb soon!

1 to stand by and comment on the fact that changing the light bulbs is cruel and unusual punishment and to provide a link to

1 to come by and say what a jerk we are for writing about light bulbs and don't we have better things to do with our useless lives than change light bulbs.

1 to come by and offer the light bulb changer a book deal.

Sara said...

love it!

neil said...

You've already told me the answer, but I reckon jo really nailed it. Btw, I've tagged you for something.

kitchen hand said...

Sensational, Jo. You get the prize: a lightbulb made from chocolate cake, chocolate ganache and cream. But you have to share it.

Neil, I had completely forgotten that - what did I write?

neil said...

One to change it and ten to say how they would've done it...or something like that.