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Ball park.

The ball was his first birthday present. It was inexpensive. The electronic beeping, tooting 'interactive' Christmas toys bored him months ago; but he takes the ball everywhere with him.

He throws it high and kicks it low and shouts 'catch!' and then he puts it up in the air with a jerk of little arms and I catch it and give it back to him and he does it over again.

He's twenty-two months. The ball is wearing out. The pattern is fading.

We'll go ball shopping soon. We'll wrap it up in some nice paper and he can open up a birthday ball, all over again.


Lucy said...

Don't you love that the basic gifts, the old fashioned kind, are the ones they love the most? Lovely that you spend time playing ball games together. A budding football star perhaps?

My eldest step son (now 16) spent his early years, from 2-5, dressed as Mary Poppins every single day. The carpet bag was the best toy he ever had. Always makes me smile.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

The simple things require creativity and learning from them.
I wonder if a second ball will be as wonderful.

Red Dirt Mummy said...

Love it! Offspring #1 was just given a soccer ball and so far it has been played with in the yard every afternoon, taken to bed once, taken to school for 'news' and he has had his photo taken with it LOL.

Of course the other big hit is the box whatever toy came in. My kids are still loving the one from my new microwave - the box is huge and they use it as a cubby in the living room!

kitchen hand said...

That's hilarious, Lucy: my younger spent his early years in fancy dress as well.

We'll soon see, HalfCups.

RDM, packaging is the ultimate toy - I nearly wrote a post about it some time back, I might do so now.