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Tangerine Dream.

Good morning, sir, your new car is ready.

Shall we run through a few features?

Outside the vehicle, there's a nice long bonnet finishing in a cutting-edge seventies shovel-nose grille and a bumper that juts out like the cow-catcher on an overnight freight train.

Now if you'll step around to the driver's door, we'll take a look inside.

As you can see, there are acres of velour. It's the last word in 1970s interior comfort.

As you requested, we have fitted the front seats with the factory-accessory padded black velour headrests. These can be zipped off for ease of cleaning.

Right below the cigar lighter, you'll notice the Town and Country push-button AM radio. We've pre-tuned it to Melbourne's top five stations - 3AR, 3LO, 3DB, 3AW and 3XY. The speaker in the top of the dash.


Yes, one speaker: it's an AM radio, why would you need two?

You'll notice the big, bold instrumentation. That big disc in the middle is the space for the optional tachometer; however, since your vehicle has the automatic transmission, I doubt you'll be needing one.

Now finally sir, take a look at the odometer. See? The car is barely run in.

Here are the keys. Enjoy your car.

Good day to you.


Anonymous said...

OMG...that car is mint!
Velour? i guess it is much more comfy on the thighs in shorts in the summer than some convertibles I've head with black vinyl (ouch!).
And I am thrilled T-Dream is the choice name, I thought that most appropriate when you mentioned the potential list.

Love it!

Terry Oglesby said...

I suppose it's wrong of me to be quite so envious of you.

neil said...

Mate, that's fabulous, great purchase. Now what hat are you going to buy to finish it off with?

kitchen hand said...

Thanks anonymous. Yes, velour is nicer than the vinyl seats I grew up with in Dad's Holdens. No Tangerine Dream on the car wireless unfortunately; Hot Hits 3XY went off the air twenty years ago.

Terry, you can be as envious as you like. Just don't feel guilty about it!

Neil, I have a range to choose from including a couple of Ecuadorean panamas, several Akubras and a nice German lined-felt number in forest green.

The Food Whore said...

Oh my - now that is a fabulous ride.

Orange is my favorite color.