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Kitchen Hand mows lawn; solves drought; makes giant pot of soup.

I spent the weekend mowing. I had to cut the grass because you could no longer see William toddling around the garden. It was like a jungle.

Either the drought is over or it's raining in the wrong places. The State government is still resolutely ignoring my masterplan for large mobile reservoirs to be towed around on the back of Kenworth prime movers following the rainclouds.

It's not my fault they built the dams where it doesn't rain. Probably the same idiots built VFL Park in a rainbelt. I went to hundreds of football games there over the years and it rained every time. I often wonder why, when the AFL abandoned the ground, they didn't just seal the place with plastic liner and use it as a giant water tank. It would have been perfect.


It's getting colder. I started off the cold season by brewing up a giant pot of lamb shank soup on Sunday afternoon. I don't know what was more appealing: the smell of freshly mown grass coming into the house or the aroma of the soup going out.

Lamb shank soup.

Soak a pack of soup mix (split peas, barley, lentils) for a few hours. Drain and place in a large pot. Add: one or two chopped onions depending on size, a diced turnip, a diced parsnip, a diced carrot, two finely chopped sticks of celery, a lamb shank or two and a good shake of white pepper. I didn't bother with stock; this is aromatic enough on its own. I just covered the lot with water.

Bring to boil and simmer for an hour or so. If you can resist the temtation, this soup is better the next day, but the amount I made will keep us going for a week. Sprinkle plenty of fresh chopped parsley over the top and enjoy with crusty buttered bread and a stout.

But which stout? There are some good ones, but here's my current favourite (Slogan: The Bird. The Beer. The Belief.) That is a hilarious website by the way. Click 'Moonshine' on Page 6 in the history page and read about how they workshopped a new name for a beer originally named after a rat poison.)


Sara said...

You sure are busy!

kitchen hand said...

Never a dull moment, Sara.