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Wednesday night supper.

Leek and beans on polenta.

Cook some polenta. You can use instant polenta but the long-cooked version is creamier and better.

(When cooking polenta, I kind of half-lid the pot because for some reason, my polenta always bubbles explosively and the stove gets covered in droplets of the stuff. I'm probably doing something wrong.)

While the polenta is cooking away, gently fry three strips of good bacon, sliced into tiny squares, in a pan in some olive oil until not quite crisp.

Now add a large, finely sliced leek (or a couple of smaller ones) and half a cup of white wine to the bacon. Lid pan and cook on very low for ten minutes. Stir.

Now add a drained can of butter beans and some chopped parsley, stir through leeks and heat through.

Serve piled up on polenta in shallow bowls.

Good with an Alsace riesling.

P.S: Check Gary Moore's tasting notes in the link above to find out why he loves the wine but hates the bottle.


Cindy said...

Mmmmmm....(musing about bastardising this with soy bacon)

breadchick said...

Oh that sounds so lovely and even with it being summer here. I am saving this for fall.

Julie said...

When I'm cooking something like that, and want to let the steam out and keep the splatters in, I put the wire lid-thingie marketed for frying on top of the sauce pan. (You know, it's a hoop of screen on a handle, you put it over the fry pan to keep grease in?) Works great when I'm reducing spaghetti sauce - same problem.

Though it sounds like your system works, and as the hubby says, if it isn't broken, don't fix it.

neil said...

I use a simmer mat to keep our polenta under control and it doesn't seem to stick as badly to the bottom of the pot either...

Lucy said...

Mine bubbles furiously too - no matter what I do. Neil's idea is a good one though.

kitchen hand said...

Looks like we may have jointly solved the problem of polenta splatter. Thank you everyone.

Cindy, you can leave out the bacon - maybe use Massel chicken-style stock as well as the wine to boost the flavour.

jo said...

Polenta :: Italian napalm

Cindy said...

Eleven years have passed, but I came through eventually! We cooked this, this week. And though I didn't read the comments afresh before I started cooking, I instinctively picked up the Massel chicken stock for the polenta.