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'You put Vegemite on your artisan bread?' 'Yes. And it was great!'

It wasn't so much loaf as doorstop.

If you put it on the ground and kicked it you would break a toe. That's a nice change from the kind of supermarket bread that weighs nothing and collapses like a bag of cotton wool when you put something as light as a newspaper on top of it in the basket.

My doorstop was a loaf of Dench seeded sourdough. It would keep for a week if you could resist eating it. It's a little too dense for sandwiches of the delicate asparagus or vinegared cucumber or shaved ham kind, but it comes into its own topped robustly with home-made meatloaf, or smoked trout with capers and mayonnaise, or thick slices of mature cheddar and pickles.

Dench sourdough makes great toast. Cut it thickly and toast the slices lightly, top it with butter and Vegemite and eat it with strong tea. After a breakfast like that you'll feel like hunting lions.


jo_blue said...

Oh, I miss good, heavy delicious bread. I was reading your description and started drooling. Over here in the tropics, we are sadly lacking good sourdough and all the great things that go with it. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

Sue said...

Good bread deserves vegemite.

This morning I tried some Pure Life Essene multigrain bread toasted with vegemite, avocado and cherry tomatoes. Yom.