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Journalism: how to do it.

Thanks to Jon Kudelka, who I'm sure won't mind me displaying his work from Rupert Murdoch's Weekend Australian if I provide a link to his excellent site.

Meanwhile, over at another Murdoch newspaper, Herald Sun editor Simon Pristel gushes about his 'new-look' Weekend liftout:

There is also a funny piece by Wendy Tuohy on those killer high heels. We made her wear them for an entire day - taking the kids to school, and driving her car.

Tuohy describes her heels as '14cm'. Go ahead, kill your reporters in the line of duty; but try to keep their children out of it. Simon Pristel is the man who last year splashed convicted drug dealer Roberta Williams in a bikini on the front page of the Sunday Herald Sun.

Murdoch wants people to pay for his papers online. Good luck with that.

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