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Nice bright colours/dreams of summers/all the world's a sunny day.

My brother recently found some old slide photographs taken by my father in the early 1970s and posted them on his weblog. The colours are unearthly: golds you can almost feel, unearthly greens; even the shadows have a tangible depth. I remember the day. I was there, but not in the shots. The pictures are nothing special, just family and friends fooling around in the back yard at a beach house at Somers. But those colours!

So that was Kodachrome? I shot some slides once. I'll look for them. They are in a box somewhere.


A Melbourne lass said...

Great shots. They really bring back memories of the heady days of the 70's when I was still at school and we had, what seemed like, never ending holidays at the beach.

Wonderful stuff


kitchen hand said...

Yes, Lesley; those summer holidays really seemed never-ending.