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Potato and leek, Italian-style.

Home-made gnocchi with leek and tomato sauce.

Cut a leek through the middle twice at right angles and then slice it to produce quartered rounds.

Sweat this in a heavy pan with some oil, a chopped onion, a stick of chopped celery and a scored garlic clove. Five minutes or so, just to soften.

Now add half a large jar of passata, or a can of diced tomatoes, stir it through the leek mixture and cook it gently for twenty minutes. Add a spoonful of water now and then if necessary.

Meanwhile, make a big potful of gnocchi. The more I make home-made gnocchi, the worse supermarket versions taste, especially the shrink-wrapped ones. Years ago I used to buy these all the time, but nowadays I can boil and rice potatoes, add some flour and an egg (or no egg), roll it together, chop it into inches and throw the inches into a pot of boiling water faster than any supermarket trip, automated checkout or no automated checkout. (Here's one using sweet potato.)

Pour the cooked leek sauce over the soft pillows of potato gnocchi and add a handful of your choice of grated cheese. Serve immediately or place under the grill to create a little crunchy cheesy brownness on top if you wish.


jo said...

Those shrink wrapped gnocchi are like eating 20 lb bullets. I've never understood the appeal.
Having said that...I've never made gnocchi. I KNOW! Time to rectify.

kitchen hand said...

Jo, the first time it's like making plaster, then it gets easier, then you never buy packaged gnocchi again.