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Sunday morning coming down.

Hail is forecast for today. Haven't seen any yet; but there was a welcome shower late morning. Of course there was. Tracy had ventured outside to do some painting. I stayed inside and started a curry for tonight with plenty of chili and garlic and black cardomom (recipe later after I sample the result) and gazed out the window at the roses on the shed and the morning rain coming down and Tracy glancing at the sky.


Last night, a flattened green capsicum sandwiching a thick wad of home-made pesto on the barbecue, lightly wrapped in foil. It charred over the fire and the aroma was almost too much to bear while cooking and the flavour was sensational. Also, a warm salad of sweet potato: cut a peeled sweet potato into one-inch cubes, boil until soft, drain, toss in a bowl with a knob of butter until it coats the sweet potato, then toss over three of four chopped spring onions and sprinkle white vinegar. Salt and pepper and that's it. Oh, there were lamb chops as well. Lamb seems to be supplanting beef steaks on the barbecue. Lamb stays moist and tender however you cook it. Its fat layers assist in this as they drip away onto the coals and add extra barbecue flavour. Steak needs to be marbled to stay similarly moist. To prepare, I press salt and pepper and chopped fresh rosemary into each side and grill them, turning once. They are ready when the cut edge of the bone just starts to char. Seve with home-made mint sauce and sweet potato salad on the side.

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