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10,000 reasons not to wear polar fleece.

The drought is over and wool production is on the rise:

The rain has come at the right time for wool producers. For three years sheep numbers have fallen and last year the state produced a record low of 50,000 bales of wool. This year growers are expecting to fill about 10,000 more bales.
William wears vest by Grandma Annie. (Thomas as usual wouldn't stand still, but he'd thrown off his vest (same pattern, red/navy colourways) earlier.

Alexandra wears hat by Aunt Kirsty.

Get knitting, ladies. Those bales are piling up. And anyway, polar fleece is made from petrochemicals. (How many hats in a bale, at a minimum 110kg?)


Barbara said...

Excellent news. My specialty is socks. I need about 100g, give or take, for one pair, so 10,000 extra bales at 110kg each... Should get me through the winter ok. And anyway, 'get knitting LADIES'? Isn't that a tiny bit sexist?? Come on, KH, pick up them needles and give it a go! ;)

kitchen hand said...

Thank you Barbara - from that I figure 11,000,000 pairs; half the population of Australia. (I'll pick up the needles if you'll just hold this wooden spoon!)

Barbara said...

You got yourself a deal! :)
That's a lot of socks to get to before your winter, best get crackin'..