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Saturday afternoon.

The first warm day. It was latest arrival of spring I can remember. I sat on the beach reading the weekend broadsheet while the boys tore up and down the sand. Then, following a story I had read them earlier about a windstorm blowing a beach away, they threw it. I was the victim. The idea was I had to use the paper as a shield or a tent against the gale of sand. It worked well for them. Next morning my pillow was full of sand.

Tracy joined us with the small one. The gale had subsided by then and they were ready for afternoon tea. Their mother produced fresh shortbread, still warm with the characteristic grainy texture provided by the use of a combination of rice and wheat flours. They sat and munched while the small one blinked tiny eyes at her first view of sea. What do they think?

Later, I walked back to the house with Tom through quiet ti tree-lined streets. It was unnaturally still. Dead. Not a car. Not a human. It was a ghost town. It must have been early in the last quarter of the football grand final. The entire country was gathered around television sets or radios. The only sounds were shrieks coming from a house here and there. The shrieks grew higher in pitch progressively; almost strangled. That meant a close score. Then nothing. Not a sound. We walked along. We reached the house and I turned on the radio. I had already guessed the result.

It was eerie. Collingwood's three nightmares are enshrined: mention 1966, 1970 or 1977 to a Magpie and they turn green. This result was the spirit of all three. The opponent was St Kilda, which won by a point in '66. In 1970, the Magpies threw away a half-time lead; they did the same on Saturday. 1977 was the last drawn grand final, Collingwood losing the replay. It's going to be a long, nerve-wracking week if you're a Magpie. I'm not. But I like the drama.


White Dove said...

It was just as eerie in front of our TV up here in Queensland as we watched the match. Having been converted by one branch of the family to be Collingwood supporters we felt they would walk it it was a shock....and happily for them the match came to an end because they were going down the gurgler! (so I believe). So looking forward to this week's could be all so different, but definitely not a walk in the park!

kitchen hand said...

WD, the weather is to be the first warm Saturday all year - it will come down to fitness and who lasts the longer.

Dr. Alice said...

Tim Blair is a happy man right now. :D
(I first came across your website thanks to a mention by him, as a matter of fact. I met him a few years ago, mentioned this to him and he didn't remember - but then he links to a lot of Australian bloggers. He's generous that way.)

kitchen hand said...

Dr. A., I think Tim is still in two minds about Collingwood re Emirates sponsorship.