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Built house flooded; unbuilt one still dry.

The house of a second cousin who lives in Brisbane was flooded after the Wivenhoe flood mitigation dam was left at 100% capacity due to fears of 'wasting water', despite Bureau of Meteorology warnings of severe flood.

1400 kilometres away, in South Gippsland, my sister had been planning to build a house two years ago but was prevented from doing so by bureaucrats who believed that sea levels would rise and flood the land.

Warmists have some explaining to do.


Anonymous said...

Your statement about Wivenhoe is simply not true. A few days before the flood, the portion of the dam set aside for Brisbane's water supply was at 100%, yes. But the flood mitigation portion, which is larger than the water supply portion, was almost completely empty. It filled rapidly due to intense downpours onto sodden land, but there was no mismanagement by government or anyone else. Please take a look at and for data, rather than conspiracy theories, about this.


kitchen hand said...

I hope you're right, Meg. There'll be some white knuckles around the table when the inquiry findings are brought down.