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I wonder if Sophia ever told Leo Tolstoy to limit something he was writing to 140 characters.


A Melbourne Girl said...

UGGHH, don't get me started on the inanity of twitter. Someone actually tried to "sell" it to me as a great way to stay in touch with the millions of news articles out there that "need" to be read.
My question was where do they find the time to determine which said articles are worthy, let alone have the time to read the darn things?

These are the same people who think they're so darn important they have to check their Facebook status and their email inbox while driving their kids to school

Go read a darn book for goodness sake
Apologies to any other commenters who love twitter, but I just don't see the point
You may delete this comment if you so wish KH...

Rose said...

You've still got 64 characters to go.

kitchen hand said...

Wouldn't dream of it Lesley. In complete agreement.

I wasn't counting, Rose!