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Two things to do with smoked salmon, and how to socialise a wolf.

I had some fish left over after a lunch of rolls with avocado, salad shoots and smoked salmon, which was a rare luxury put on for friends who had visited along with their new addition to the family for some socialisation with our children. The new addition was a two-month old maltese terrier poodle cross, light brown in colour, a tiny round roly-poly thing, name of Boxer. They should have called it Malteser. They live in an apartment and have no children. We sat outside and the dog acted as if he thought he had been re-released into the wild. Apparently all dogs are 99% wolf in terms of DNA, or appetite, or mating habits, or brain power, or something. This creature was woolly and scampered over the lawn like a spring lamb and was therefore by definition a wolf in sheep's clothing.

That night I cooked up a pot full of pasta - bavette - drained it and simply added twirls (for forkability) of the salmon, a generous dollop of sour cream and a shower of cracked black pepper. Delicious. Some recipes call for shallot sauces, cream, capers, chili or any number of other ingredients but this was simple and good, although a sprig of dill might have been nice. A buttery chardonnay if you can find one. They're all citrus these days.

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leaf (the indolent cook) said...

Oh yes, I've made a similar pasta dish with smoked salmon. Very nice.