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The end of email.

That's it. Goodbye email. I'm unsubscribing to everything. Tiger Airways, Start to Finish, InfoChoice, Vigor Health and Fitness, Crikey (how on earth did I get onto their list?), LinkedIn Updates, Melbourne Writers and dozens of others. (LinkedIn, by the way, sends me emails saying something to the effect that 'someone who may be connected to you has updated their profile'. Nuts.)

That was yesterday.

Today I got another email from Tiger Airways. So I unsubscribed again. A message came up:
The following error was encountered while processing your request: You are currently not subscribed to our newsletter. 
Then why did they send it?


A Melbourne Girl said...

KH The Linkedin updates drive me nuts! Why would I care if someone's updated their damn profile! ...and some of those that have requested a friendship or link are people I've never heard of!

I don't go anywhere near Tiger or any of the airlines. But did start getting regular updates from some beauty salon recently. I'd never heard of them either. Crazy

kitchen hand said...

AMG, I've been reading some companies shutting down their entire email systems. Can't come soon enough. That and Facebook and I can't see how any work is getting done.

A Melbourne Girl said...

KH I don't really get FB either. I'm on it, but don't use it, if that makes sense. I got a message from someone the other day and it took me almost an hour to work out how to reply to for twitter. Too much comment and opinion. Too little analysis and thought
I must admit, I do like emails though. I just don't like them being used to try to sell me stuff

kitchen hand said...

I was on FB but cancelled. Now I'm getting messages every day from LinkedIn.