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From amazingly cheap to still very cheap.

How much do you pay for coffee?

The price of my favourite coffee rose on Monday.

From $2 to $2.20.

Consider that as table rental with the coffee thrown in free and it could be Melbourne's best entertainment value. The coffee is robust and vibrant in the old-fashioned Italian style. Order it strong and you'll float down Sydney Road, unlike some of the warm beige concoctions with art-directed froth you get down in Brunswick.

You sit outside in the shade of the trees watching the passing Coburg parade; and it is a parade like nowhere else in Melbourne. No pretensions here. You might have to wait for a table, as many are taken up by local retired Greeks and Italians, as well as residents from the special needs accommodation nearby, who like to take their time over their coffee; and you won't get a friendlier crowd anywhere. Brunswick Street bristles with attitude by comparison.

The buskers are good quality. Yesterday in the mid-morning sunshine, a young woman sang an excellent rendition of Summertime among other fine numbers including some of her own compositions.

$2.20 for sunshine, Gershwin and coffee? You're laughing.

Coburg Coffee and Kitchen
7 Victoria Mall, Coburg


leaf (the indolent cook) said...

Love the evocative description of the atmosphere. Enjoy your coffee! :)

kitchen hand said...

Thanks Leaf; I did.