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One discounted 60 cent packet of seeds from Bunnings two years ago resulted in these. I kept the flower heads from the first crop and scattered the dried seeds last spring. Up came the tallest sunflowers I have ever raised, upwards of seven feet with flowers the size of dinner plates.

The picture was taken a month ago. Yesterday I disposed of the dried stalks. I had to saw them. They had made great staves when green and pliable; the boys had medieval battles and then pole-vaulted around the front garden.

I put half the heads in brown bags in the shed. Birds had already got to the rest and eaten the lot.


Melbourne Girl said...

They look amazing. It's funny what pops up isn't it.....we've been putting some of our compost on the roses and have had a lot of tomatoes pop up. They've been delicious too!
Can't wait to see what next years compost produces.

kitchen hand said...

I saw some even bigger ones in a street nearby, AMG.

jo said...

JEALOUS! Those little grey furry tailed buggers always foil my sunflower growing attempts.