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We took them to the Astor cinema to sit in antique fold-up chairs, see curtains opening on the wide screen and, most importantly, eat choc tops. Shock: the boys chose Golden Gaytimes instead. The movie was an old musical with no special effects and a Rodgers and Hammerstein soundtrack.

Alexandra, however, had a Choc Top to herself. Before intermission, bored with the movie, she sat on a couch next to the sleeping cinema cat and did not spill a drop of ice cream. I sat on the other side of the cat and read the Sunday newspaper in the dim art deco light with the sounds of gunshots and whinnying from the auditorium and the faint rumble of trams outside.


Melbourne Girl said...


That's un-Australian

We're heading to the movies today actually, but unfortunately, to a much more modern establishment and while a choc top will be on the menu, it has to be frozen solid. No soft stuff under the choc

kitchen hand said...

Yes, I was a little shocked but then the baby's demolition job on her choc top restored my faith.

White Dove said...

Been there...done that. Love the Astor!

Dina said...

I've not heard of choc tops before. I'll have to look that one up.

And I'm intrigued by the cinema cat.