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Salmon with beurre blanc on a thin-sliced layer of waxy potatoes.

Everyone's doing beurre blanc, so let's give it a try.

Reduce 100ml each of white wine and vinegar in a pot with a sprig of tarragon, a bay leaf, ten black peppercorns and a chopped shallot. Cool and strain. Place two tablespoons of this reduction into a pot with a tablespoon of cream. Reduce this by half and then gradually whisk in 200g cold diced, butter until thickened slightly. Add the juice of half a lemon, salt and pepper. Fold in a slew of capers, maybe a dozen.

Meanwhile, cut four peeled waxy potatoes (those red ones that seem to change their names every week or so - Pontiac? Red Devil? Red Russet? - will be fine) into half-centimetre slices, boil until yielding but not quite mashable. Drain.

Meanwhile, cook salmon fillets gently in a pan with a little lemon juice, lime juice or orange juice; or a little of all three.

Layer potatoes on serving plates, salmon on top, beurre blanc over.


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Melbourne Girl said...

Mouth watering. Yummo

Dr. Alice said...

Back in my college days when I worked for a catering service I tasted beurre blanc. Swooned. Have not had it since but I have never forgotten it.