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Help the environment. Put in another oven.

"It's in with double ovens and out with dated laminate ... ," began the article about the Herald Sun Home Show in yesterday's paper (not online). " ... it's more a case of two ovens are better than one when it comes to cooking dinner and dessert at the same time."

The item went on to talk about 'whiz-bang' coffee machines and water coolers. Go ahead. Plug them in! Then:

"There is also a big push towards more energy-efficient homes in a bid to cut power bills and help the environment ... ."

Maybe they carbon neutralise their dinner parties by leaving the lights off, or not having any background music. Or requesting the guests to walk home.


Melbourne Girl said...

I like the way your mind works KH.

It's just like some of the magazines that, on one page have the latest get thin quick diet...and on the next have an article about how we should all love our bodies just the way they are...
Such a croc

kitchen hand said...

I call it the attention deficit disorder generation, Melbourne Girl.