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Christmas carnival quiz.

My sister is two years and six months in the photo, taken by my father one hot January day in 1966, with date and location written on the back.

Question: which Melbourne CBD building hosted this rooftop carnival? The fragment of building in the background may give a clue. Or not.

Take a wild guess in comments below.

Answer in a couple of days.


Melbourne Girl said...

Well, my guess is Myer...But I could be wrong. My Mum used to work at Foys so that was going to be my first guess, but I don't remember my Mum taking us up there, so Myer it is

It was in the days when Foys still had a lady driving then lift. Sometimes she'd let me work the controls...boy did I feel special!

kitchen hand said...

Melbourne Girl, your first instinct was right. It is Foy's rooftop carnival, which I had all but forgotten about until I unearthed the picture.

I probably saw that lift lady and perhaps even your mother!

Melbourne Girl said...

Quite possible KH... quite possible