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Days you remember.

August 1969: I am on my way to a scout camp near Gisborne in my father’s near-new blue HK Holden Belmont. A song comes on the radio. It is a new Rolling Stones song called Honky Tonk Women. I turn the volume up to almost maximum. My father turns it down again.

17 February 1973: the Rolling Stones play at one in the afternoon at the open-air Kooyong tennis centre in 105 degrees Fahrenheit. No-one in Melbourne that day will ever forget it, whether they were there or not.

16 February 2013: I am driving to Lygon Street for an early lunch with the family*. During his program Off the Record, 3RRR’s Brian Wise plays back to back Rolling Stones tracks, recorded during that 1973 tour. Rocks Off is followed by Honky Tonk Women. I turn up the volume. My passenger turns it down again.

*Pasta fagioli, pasta with tuna and napoletana sauce, calzone rustico with ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan and hot salami, and short macchiatos for the parents; margherita pizza, spaghetti and strawberry crepes for the children. An hour in Readings afterwards, the children reading The Hobbit spin-offs.

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