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I was wrong.

So you might have noticed word verification is back on. Is there a better way? I never really liked the idea of comment moderation but it might be a better alternative to trying to read murky letters in word verification.



OK, I'll try the Registered User filter and see if that works. Word verification is impossible to see.


Melbourne Girl said...

I had to turn on the word verification thingy too because of all the anon comments being left.

Registered user filter? OK, I'll try that instead as well. I hate having to try to decipher those jumbled letters and numbers.

kitchen hand said...

MG, apparently it filters out spammers who come in under the 'anonymous' tag. And is easier than having to moderate. As I'm not always online, I would hate to go away and make genuine commenters wait until I got back in front of a screen to allow their comment.