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Chicken Provencale; and the sewing machine is silenced at last.

A jar of home-made tomato sauce, bought at yesterday's school fete and no doubt made by someone's grandmother, was the base for this easy dish:

Chicken Provencale.

Saute a couple of chopped onions and a clove of garlic in olive oil. Add about a kilogram of cubed chicken breast; stir and and brown slightly.

Now add two dozen pitted kalamata olives; a red capsicum cut into strips; ten button mushrooms, halved; a cup of peas and the jar of tomato sauce.

Simmer gently for an hour. Cook polenta to instructions, adding parmesan cheese. Spoon into serving bowls. Add chicken stew. Garnish with gremolata.


The school fete? Rides, food stalls including devonshire teas, home-made curries, and gyros; a book stall, a silent auction, lucky dips, a talent quest, and a perfect sunny day with 24 degrees. You can't buy that. William, in a red check shirt and corduroy pants, kicked off the talent quest with, predictably, Hound Dog. In the craft centre Tracy - dressed as a fairy - conducted the children's craft activities, including bookmarks at fifty cents a go. She had cut out illustrated designs from 1950s and 1960s vintage fabrics, and children glued their choice of fabric cut-outs to coloured cardboard strips, to which a thin ribbon was attached via a punched hole at the top. Hundreds were made. Earlier, she had also sewed a hundred metres of vintage-fabric bunting, which stretched from the presbytery to the school's front fence. I thought it was just crickets over summer nights; might have been the ticking of the sewing machine from the other end of the house.


Dr. Alice said...

That sounds wonderful! Those are some good memories your kids will be having.

kitchen hand said...

They particularly enjoyed the dodgem cars.