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Restaurant etiquette.

I have noticed men in the hip inner suburbs wearing hats.

Suggestion: gentlemen, take off your hat when you are in a restaurant. You look like you are in a hurry. This is especially the case with boaters, fedoras, homburgs, Akubras, bowlers, trilbies and tricornes. Yes, I saw a man wearing a tricorne in a Southbank cafe once (although he might have been an actor on his way to a Gilbert and Sullivan production at the State Theatre).

Time to bring back the hatcheck.

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Melbourne Girl said...

KH, what I've also noticed is men being a bit slack when it comes to deciding on what to wear when they go to a restaurant for dinner...

They seem to think shorts, sandals, thongs (of the feet variety) and t-shirts are perfectly acceptable for evening dining.
What ever happened to making a bit of an effort, instead of turning up looking like you're heading to the beach?

kitchen hand said...

Seeing people's toes does not a gourmet experience make, MG.