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I thought it was just me.

Keith Richards:
"I don't have an iPod. ... I still use CDs or records actually. Sometimes cassettes. It has much better sound; a much better sound than digital."



Melbourne Girl said...

Likewise ipod for me...I do have a digital radio though, two in fact. Both have a lovely sound quality

kitchen hand said...

Melbourne Girl, sound quality aside, I have found that digital units often do not provide the sheer volume I sometimes like (that could be my blasting radio you hear from several suburbs away!)

Melbourne Girl said... that you!!!!

Damn, I thought it was the guy a street over from us!

True about the volume on digital radios though KH... when I do play music I do like it LOUD!

Georgie George said...

Also find my kid less able to operate record player than CD player-my kid keeps flipping the CD wrong way up, dropping extras into the disc space and then pressing play.