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This morning, after toasting almost an entire loaf of white sliced bread and buttering and slicing them into one-inch 'soldiers', to accompany the children's lightly poached eggs, I gently upended the toaster (Tiffany, a Kmart housebrand) over the sink to remove the crumbs. (It also has a crumb tray, but the upending it gets more crumbs out than you find in the tray.)

A week's worth of crumbs fell out. Three tiny screws, one tiny plastic bracket and two washers made of heatproof gasket material also fell out.

Should I plug the toaster in and switch it on and see if it still works?

The question crossed my mind fleetingly, like a nerve telling your brain to remove your hand from boiling water.

I threw it in the rubbish.

After all, it cost only as much a three full-priced loaves of Flinders sourdough. I'm off to Kmart. Or perhaps I should try one of those cut-price ones at Harris Scarfe.


Incidentally, poached eggs with toast batons is possibly the best breakfast in the world.


Dr. Alice said...

I toast under the broiler (but then, I rarely make toast).

kitchen hand said...

I'm doing that now, Dr. A. Greater capacity despite being slower might mean no new toaster needed. Testing goes on.