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Which is the side dish?

On a cold winter night (even for others than a traveller) nothing beats onions fried until golden and then spooned lovingly over creamy potato mashed with garlic and olive oil. The aroma fills the house and seems to isolate it from the outside world.

The rare fillet seared with a peppercorn and cream sauce is good too. I like it when items on the plate fight each other for star billing.

Look out, more rain coming. The Merri Creek might break its banks again, like it did a fortnight ago. I couldn't walk further north than Queens Parade or be washed away. No, not the one in Clifton Hill; this one. The creek was under water where it winds around to the east.

Quick. Pour another glass of red.


Melbourne Girl said...

I love onions and mash...but I've also got a thing lately for mash and green beans - just lightly steamed and still crunchy. I've been eating them as I would a chip....and using the mash like a dip.
Strange I know but there you go

kitchen hand said...

Not strange at all - I dip steamed beans into my home-made chili peanut sauce (crunchy peanut butter, soy, chili sauce, lime juice, grated garlic).