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Happy birthday, Martin.

Tried to call you yesterday and you've obviously ditched the landline, like I did last year. Hope you had a good one.

*Rest of the world thinks: WHAT! No Facebook, no Twitter? These guys try to TELEPHONE greetings to each other? Nuts!*


Martin Kennedy said...

Ha! Its funny reading that headline. Yes birthday messages via the Internet are the norm these days.
All the spam and scam calls finally wore us down and we got rid of the home line. Saves a significant amount of money actually.
Thanks for your birthday wishes. It's been a nice but really quite normal few days

kitchen hand said...

Same here - all we were getting were calls from call centres in India and the Philippines selling home insulation or solar panels or asking us to 'check' our computer and tell them the password. All despite our number being listed on the Do Not Call register.