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Finding answers to those nagging questions made easy.

When was Kraft cheese (the one that lasted indefinitely) invented?

In what decade were the Wizz Fizz, the Choc Wedge and Nescafe launched onto an unsuspecting Australian market?

Remember Copha? (It's still around.) When was its name trademarked?

When was Australian beer first available in cans? And when did CUB re-release Victorian Bitter in its original packaging artwork?

Is Camp Pie Australian? (Or would you want it to be?)

When did the iconic 1960s soft drink Passiona enter the market?

What was Courage Draught, what was its logo character, and why did it fail?

When were Tim Tams invented?

Finding answers to these fascinating questions could absorb a lot of time. Fortunately, Jan O'Connell has done the research and placed the results into an Australian food timeline. Visit it here.

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Melbourne Girl said...

That's fabulous KH...a great read. Thanks