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Library gets a makeover.

From the weekend vacant position ads, a job at one of Australia's leading schools, PLC:
Director of Innovation
The Director of Innovation will develop and execute the vision to re-conceptualise library; space, staff and services, to create an Innovation Centre at PLC. The position plays a strategic and transformational role by providing opportunities for creativity and entrepreneurship through developing innovative and inviting spaces and a range of experiences that delight and engage students and staff as well as offering community building experiences with the wider PLC community.
Just read that last sentence again. It is a masterpiece of the genre; an over-long piece of jargon-riddled bureaucrat-speak devoid of any real meaning. Who do they want? An architect? A painter? A set designer? A performance artist? Who knows. Probably they don't, either. On it goes:
The incumbent (sic – but they mean the appointee) will ensure the delivery of information learning and literary services and promote a vibrant reading culture.
Maybe they just want a librarian who wears loud clothes.


Melbourne Girl said...

I hate all this gobbeldy goop KH... it's creeping into every darn job add. The sad thing is they think they're being clever, when in fact they're just tossers!

If the writer had any nous they'd be clear and concise and write in plain English rather than this rubbish, as described and demonstrated in Don Watson's "Death Sentence"

paul kennedy said...

Yes - they should have run it by the English teacher first; although I suspect she might well have disapproved of the entire job per se.