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Melting cheese makes pasta dish unsurpassable.

Home made gnocchi makes the manufactured variety taste like footballs. Used footballs. Tough and leathery.

Simply fold some flour and an egg through mashed potato, roll into cylinders, flour them and cut them into one-inch lengths. Place on a floured tray until cooking, by dropping them into boiling water. Simple. Never buy the packet ones again, unless you like chewing on old footballs.

I made a roux of flour turned through melted butter, added a cup and a half of milk and warmed it on a low heat until thickened. Then I added half a cup of grated cheddar, a large knob of very mature blue cheese and half a cup of parmesan. Add milk if it gets too thick.

The resulting bubbling lava was poured over cooked gnocchi which was flecked with chopped parsley and cracked black pepper.

The plate was then placed under the griller until the cheese started developing a very appetising golden crust.

Probably the finest pasta dish on earth.

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Melbourne Girl said...

This sounds absolutely amazing KH

Think I'll try it this weekend