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Pasta nicoise for the last day of summer.

The hottest summer on record, they said. What a fizzer. Here in Coburg, we did not get through the half-price twenty-visit family ticket for Moreland aquatic centres. Five visits left. Barely any days over 40C. Hottest on record? Hardly. (Incidentally, that 30C-plus day last week was described by several newsreaders as a 'heatwave'. A heatwave used to be a run of high temperature days, but its meaning has been manipulated to indicate a single day of hot weather.)


And here we are at the last day of summer. Tonight: a dish I call warm pasta nicoise, because it contains some of the ingredients of the classic salad. I use linguini for the pasta.

Pasta nicoise.

Cook the linguine, drain it, and reserve a tablespoon of the liquid.

Sear a slice of fresh tuna keeping it still pink in the middle. Cut into cubes.

Return the pasta to the heavy pan with the liquid, a dash of olive oil, some very finely sliced onion rings and a crushed garlic clove. Add the tuna, some sliced truss tomatoes, a dozen pitted black olives, a dozen anchovies, and a dozen halved cooked green beans. Set over a very low heat. All you want to do is warm through the ingredients.

Place in serving bowls, top with quartered semi-boiled eggs, chopped parsley and cracked black pepper.


Melbourne Girl said...

This sounds right up my alley KH, but I think I'll leave out the olives. Happy autumn. Wait for the reports on the next hot day we have...I bet the word "unseasonal" creeps in

paul kennedy said...

The very word, MG! 'Unseasonal' was used on Fairfax radio this morning to describe the coming week of heat (as if we have never had hot Marches!).