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The tyranny of virtue: my diversity's bigger than your diversity.

Consulting firm Deloitte explains its 'diversity' policy:
The approach to innovation leverages diversity and inclusion of people regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, faith or disability.
So far so good. One of everything, like the child in the lolly shop. But consultants Deloitte should have consulted their mates over at PwC:
PwC senior executive Mark Allaby stood down from the board of the Australian Christian Lobby this month because his ACL work was in conflict with the values of the corporation for which he worked.
A firm of business consultants decides its values trump those of a religious organisation? Now I've heard everything. Diversity-ridden PwC rationalises the decision:
"When it comes to employee participation on external boards, if a conflict arises between an employee's board role and the best interests of PwC, we would request that the employee step down from that board," a PwC spokesman said of the matter.
The spokesman does not disclose how PwC regards the governing board of a religious organisation as a potential 'conflict' with PwC; nor how its much-vaunted diversity policy is suddenly subordinate to its 'best interests'. However, a clue can be found in PwC's website:
PwC have a focus on five dimensions of diversity - gender, cultural background, disability, and sexual orientation and generational (sic).
No mention of faith.

At half-time, it's a close game. Deloitte, six diversities; PwC five. Anything can happen in the second half. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, reporter Rick Morton nails the game:
PwC and a host of other corporate giants in Australia are paid-up members of ACON's Pride in Diversity program, which is a bit like the RSPCA free-range egg inspection racket: a fee for approval arrangement. Corporations can pay Pride in Diversity an annual membership rate starting from $2600 (plus GST) for small businesses ... ranging to $8600 for the biggest clients. Gold members ... donate an extra $5000 on top of these rates. ... There is no auditing ...

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