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"Unexpected" egg event.

From today's paper:
SHOPPERS baulking at the cost of beef are scrambling for eggs and stretching supplies. Customers have been confronted with depleted egg sections at some supermarkets. A notice advised eggs were in short supply "due to unexpected events in the industry".

"People searching for cheaper alternative proteins are recognising the value of eggs," Egg Farmers Aus­tralia spokesman John Coward said. "A kilo of eggs is as low as $4. A kilo of popular steak is $20-$35. They can replace a beef dinner with a frittata."
When it comes to "unexpected egg events", a frittata sounds a bit of a letdown compared to, for example, a 400g porterhouse, chargrilled to perfection, still pink in the middle and drowning in pepper sauce. The following is a much more robust alternative to the ubiquitous - and somewhat pretentious - frittata, if steak is off and eggs are on.

Egg and bacon pie.

Grease a glass or enamel pie dish and line it with a sheet of shortcrust pastry. Crack in about four eggs, depending on dish size. Scatter some chopped parsley and white pepper over the eggs.

Meanwhile, lightly fry six rashers of bacon in a pan, then lay the bacon over the eggs. Add another two or three eggs, then top the pie-dish with a disc of puff pastry, trim and seal the edge. Slash the top once and decorate with the pastry trimmings. Brush with egg white or milk. Bake at 180C for about 35 minutes at which point it will be golden brown.

Serve hot with mashed potato and peas. Add a fancy relish if you must but this pie, already tasty enough, shoots into the flavour stratosphere when served with old-fashioned tomato sauce.

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